A team to build the dream.

Thorium Infolytics has 1 near experts as well as 1 sort of dog. In our office, we don't separate departments, mostly because we don't have multiple departments. Everyone works together to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients, especially the dog. We're proud of making the normal world of social media and marketing uncomfortable with our weird jokes and sarcastic attitude. 

Meet our team. 

nick@thoriuminfo.com (405) 531-0566 

Nick James

This is Nick. He is our CEO and Head of Marketing Automation. He spends his day working with clients on marketing strategies and then making sure they get implemented. Prior to this Nick spent 4 years as an insurance agent with a huge Fortune 50 company and also as an Independent Insurance Agent with a small company in Oklahoma City, OK. Before "insurancing" Nick spent many years working as a political consultant with campaigns all over the US. Nick is a fanatical TCU alumni with a BS in Political Science and he earned an MBA with an emphasis in IT Management. He's been creating, playing with, breaking, fixing and then recreating technology for the last 25 years. His first experience with tech was deleting the sound drivers off the brand new family computer when he was 10. When not sitting in front of his computer, he enjoys golf, Netflix and blacksmithing videos on YouTube.

Rodney T. Dog

This is Rodney. He's head of random food consumption and chief waste disposal officer. He serves no real businss purpose other than to bark at the door when its isn't ringing. He also enjoys jumping in your lap during conference calls to get his belly rubbed. He does provide entertainment while running around the house like he's on bath salts during a humid Miami summer. We also believe he may secretly be a cat that is using a clever dog disguise. 

Let's get started.

Our team is excited to start brainstorming marketing automation campaigns and helping you create the next great viral internet meme. Get an initial consultation now and learn more about our process and our favorite YouTube videos.