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"Of all the "courses" and trainings I've done to try and figure out how to be a good insurance agent. Agent of Traction and Find Your Superpower have by far been the most helpful and worthwhile." -Nick James, Oklahoma City, OK

"The weekly calls, the workbook, and the follow up was invaluable in helping me move forward and work through my ideas and processes. Now I have some "traction" in my agency for a commercial niche. This is a fantastic program! Your passion for new agents and education is so refreshing!" -Kris Castle, Georgetown, KY

" Since completing the course I have seen more consistent success than in my previous six years in the insurance industry. The in-depth processes the program goes through are simple, yet challenging. The supportive group atmosphere helped me find long-term solutions and work towards creating my own systems to have continued success.." -Jared Bellmund, Hendersonville, NC

"But what you really want to know is, does the program work? Is it worth my time and energy? And my answer is a resounding YES, It absolutely works! It will take time and it will take more energy than you will think. That is what will make you a superhero too. It is like anything else in life, you will get out what you put in." -Brooke Sarratt, Southlake, TX

“The Find Your Superpower Workshop is a great program! What sets it apart is the relationships you develop with the other agents, and the constant support and camaraderie to help you stay focused long after the last session. This isn’t a one and done, rather an investment in your professional & personal development.” -Ben Guttman, Baltimore, MD